The Leather Boys 60th Anniversary Edition DVD


With EXCLUSIVE BONUS FILM: Rita Tushingham and
The Leather Boys Back at The Ace Cafe

RUNNING TIME APPROX: 137 min. Made in 1963. Released in 1964. Director: Sidney J. Furie.
Stars: Rita Tushingham, Colin Campbell, Dudley Sutton, Johnny Briggs, Gladys Henson, Avice Landone, Lockwood West, Betty Marsden, Martin Matthews, James Chase, Geoffrey Dunn, Carmel McSharry, Dandy Nichols and look out for a cameo of Gillian Freeman!

Filmed sixty years ago, The Leather Boys is a beautifully made piece of British kitchen sink realism. The film follows the lives of working class South London teenagers Dot (Rita Tushingham) and biker Reggie (Colin Campbell). Dot and Reggie marry and spend their honeymoon at a holiday camp, but back at home they become distant, as Reggie becomes more involved with his biker friends, especially the eccentric Pete (Dudley Sutton). When Reggie’s grandfather dies, he moves in to take care of his grandmother; Dot refuses to join him and he invites Pete to move in as a lodger. Meanwhile, Dot takes up with Brian, (Johnny Briggs), another biker. The film evokes the grimy, downtrodden London that is the bikers’ territory. It portrays a realistic snapshot of 1960s life, with tender and humorous performances. Based on the novel, The Leather Boys (1961), by Gillian Freeman, locations include the Ace Cafe near Wembley which was popular with bikers in the 50s & 60s and still exists today. The Tidal Basin Tavern in Silvertown, East London also features as well as Edinburgh and Butlins, Bognor Regis.

EXCLUSIVE BONUS FILM: Rita Tushingham and The Leather Boys
Back at The Ace Cafe
In this exclusive documentary filmed by Talking Pictures TV, we take Rita Tushingham back to The Ace Cafe, the very spot where The Leather Boys was created. Rita shares fascinating insights into the making of the film and working with the other cast members and crew. We also reunite some of the original ‘Leather Boys’ who were involved in the making of the film, who reminisce and celebrate The Ace Cafe and the lovers of speed.

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